Monday, September 29, 2008

Apocalypse Soon?

I write this yet another year older... my birthday was this past weekend, and while it wasn't a big blowout, it didn't need to be. More and more, I really appreciate the concept of 'low-key'. Thank you to everyone who sent wishes (and swag!).

Not much to add to current events - when you're on the cusp of choosing between The Future or The Past, snarky commentary, though helpful, ultimately means NOTHING. This is The Dark Night of the Soul for The American Nation and it literally is a case of either choosing to Look Forward and make our Future; or (continuing) to Look Backwards and hope that things will work out fine until The Rapture occurs...

It's fairly evident which side I'm on...

I'd put heads on sticks to make this country great. Guess whose heads?


Recent viewing has included ROAD HOUSE - no, not the Swayse movie! Expand your horizons, kids!! I, of course, mean the VASTLY SUPERIOR 40's noir with Richard Widmark & Ida Lupino... SINGING. If you haven't heard of it, check it out.

I also went through the JOHN FROM CINCINNATI set - I'd been wanting to see the series since its debut on HBO, where it was pretty much killed by the ire of pissed off DEADWOOD fans and blown off by critics who might've helped put in a good word for the show to be discovered by the larger public.

Or maybe not. JFC shares similarities to earlier David Milch created shows, but the whole is decidedly something not the norm for American television - magical realism combined with surfing, family function & dysfunction, Spirituality & the Nature of God, Art and it's uneasy alliance with Commerce, and Southern CA.

JFC is a rare slice of programming that is not quite like anything else you've seen, or will see - I was hungry for another season of episodes, but there's a lot that's satisfying in the 10 episodes in the set - more so than some shows can do in several seasons (*cough, HEROES, LOST, cough*).

Also in line to be watched, the second season of 30 DAYS, SQUARE PEGS, THE BOONDOCKS S2.

If the economy collapses, I may finally have some time to watch stuff again... in-between excursions to forage for survival.

Sometimes, you have to hit bottom, to be able to climb out the hole.... advice usually given to addicts and very apropos for a Nation addicted to Oil, Easy Solutions & Bullshit.

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Jon said...

HEY! You leave 'Lost' out of this! Sure, there were some major missteps in season three, but Lost has bounced back and is better than ever! You wanna go? Huh! You wanna go??? Don't forget, I've got access to your Netflix queue. I'll take you down... ALL THE WAY TO CHINATOWN!!!!!!!