Sunday, October 23, 2005

Time, time time, see what's become of me...

I had intended on a lengthy post; going into some detail on Halloween double-features, as well as a rant on NIGHT STINKER and how Spotnitz and crew chose to exploit the wrong franchise (if they had taken inspiration from THE NORLISS TAPES - Dan Curtis' own failed television pilot featuring a Kolchak-like reporter without Darrin McGavin in the lead - then the current show would probably not suck as hard as it does)... but most of that will have to wait a while.

I may have a job on a lo-budget feature shooting in the area for the next few weeks. Nothing is quite definite - the deal is about 75% there, but nothing's been signed as of yet - but if we come to a meeting of the minds, I'll probably not update for a couple of weeks or so.

In other words, no big changes.

You'll notice that I've added a blogroll on the sidebar - and have added a few more blogs of interest.

A big shout-out to Dennis of Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule - he's finally started to post the results of his summer film quiz and has had some nice things to say about my contributions.

As to those Halloween double features... to kick things off, I offer up the combination of:

Lifeforce (1985) and Dreamcatcher (2003)

They're both fairly light films, to start; they're both a lot of fun and they both were reviled at the time of their release, but have gained cult followings.

More later...


Dennis Cozzalio said...

Robert, thanks for the shout! Like I said, anybody who drops At the Earth's Core or It's Alive in the context of a late-70s drive-in, or The Stranger and the Gunfighter in any context, gets an laurel and hearty salute from me anytime! Good luck on your job. I understand your not wanting to mention any details, for fear of the jinx or whatever else, but when it gets going I'd love to hear about it. Meanwhile, I hope you won't be too busy to click on over to SLIFR occasionally, especially in the next week, because I hope to have some juicy horror-related stuff to post myself and, as always, I'd love to hear your comments.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Holy smokes! The parallels continue! One of my favorite movies as a kid was The Green Slime-- and it has one of the all-time great eroticized sci-fi posters too-- "The Green Slime are Coming!" with that giant tentacle wrapped around the pneumatic female astronaut in the skin-tight spacewear. And I just noticed on your profile that it's on your list of favorite movies. One of my posts this coming week was an alert to those with access to Turner Classic Movies that The Green Slime will be showing on Friday, November 4. I hope you're able to receive TCM-- if not, maybe I can help you to catch this rare showing, if you're not already hooked up with a worn-out VHS or a DVD dub already. Lemme know!