Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Hope that you enjoyed the holiday...

Not much going on - the website for THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN has finally gone live with content; and the BUNKER HILL site has some minor tweaks added.

The summer movie season has started - and ironically, I have very little interest in the films being released. I'm sure at some point, they'll be viewed, but as far as rushing out with the crowds to see them - meh. I'm tired of remakes and comic adapts (although I'll hold out for the WATCHMAN movie); and I frankly don't give a damn about seeing Indiana Jones twenty years later.

Finally got my hands on the Bava Box Vol. 2 and have been spending the last week and a half going through that set. I've also been gearing up for a serious examination of the works of Ken Russell and Andrej Zulawski.

I guess one qualifies as 'geezer' when watching good movies encourages you to stay home rather than venture out into the theatre. Come to think of it, the last time that I was involved in regular gatherings of like-minded film watchers was during college - there was very little arthouse cinema at Carbondale, IL at the time (mid-1980's), save for one semester where the SAC did eclectic programming interspersed with horror films like TEXAS CHAINSAW, DAWN OF THE DEAD -- where it was promptly discontinued the following semester due to not drawing in enough revenue.

Now, when most anyone with a DVD player can program their own repertory selection, I guess it makes interesting experiments like the late A/V CLUB -- SCREENLAND FREAKSHOW almost quaint. Added to the fact that there were - and are - few within my ever shrinking circle of acquaintances, who even register that there's entire worlds of film to explore. While some may enjoy gathering around the monitor to enjoy the work of Adam Sandler and who hate to tire themselves out reading subtitles, I don't count myself among their ranks.

Don't I sound just 'too cool for the room'? It's my curse...