Friday, February 16, 2007

"Spread the word, you dirty cocksuckers!" - Hobo With a Shotgun

"Grindhouse" fever begins with lots of faux trailers clogging the Internets.

This is pretty damn funny... and one of the best ones out there.


My friend from high school, Doug Baltz, recently completed his first graphic novel, EPITAPH, now available from Indy Planet. It's a moody tale of contemporary vampirism... the Indy Planet site has sample pages up for viewing, and if interested, you can purchase the entire work.

More of Doug's artwork can be viewed at his site.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sick as a dog

With all of this Winter weather coming through the area (week after week of snow/ice storms?!), comes the Winter cold - sneezing, coughing, general feelings of lousiness... - this morning, I was watching PINK FLOYD-THE WALL followed by The Anna Nicole-Smith Death Hearings... a dangerously surreal combination that should probably only be viewed by people heavily narcotized by cold/flu medicine. I have to say the hearings were harder to understand than THE WALL, and THE WALL made me feel a lot better about people in general, in retrospect.

THE WALL was a newly arrived laserdisc that I'd been looking for, and found off of eBay - mainly since it's the edition with commentary by Director Alan Parker, which the DVD doesn't feature. Parker goes quite a way toward explaining some of the imagry and choices made in the picture, as well as some interesting techincal information.

This sickness is cutting into DVD watching/review time, as it's better to sleep than to attempt to stay awake... as it is, I'm horribly backlogged. But soon, I should have some impressions up about a couple of discs I just received: one is a German disc of a film I worked on a few years ago, FIVE YEARS, but released in Europe as THE HIDDEN; and a Dutch disc of THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION, an adaptation of the 'unfilmable' J.G. Ballard novel - I heard about the film since it was in production and it's screening in festivals, but doubted I'd ever get to see it.