Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A brief respite from the rigeurs of luchador filming...

Well, I did manage to get back on, for a least a few words about the film I'm working on, WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE BRAINIAC - had I the chance to jump on earlier, I would have been a lot harsher in my words, suffering from the lack of good sleep. We started out of the gate rough, due mainly to the beauracracy of the University and due to rainstorms on our first exterior night shoot and the first Brainiac fight with some of the principal cast members. We're still on schedule, but normally I expect to hit this point later in the schedule. That we are still on schedule is a credit to the crew and to Chip, the director.

Next time around (probably after filming), I'll have some photos from the production up - and perhaps some 'making-of' clips up at my main site.