Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year! & early heads-up about The Screenland Freakshow

We've made it to the start of the end of the decade... let's hope we can continue blogging all the way up to the end.

To add to new beginnings, I just got notice about a new film series/group in the KC area - picking up the baton left by the late, lamented Chucky Lou A/V Club, is the SCREENLAND FREAKSHOW, scheduled to start WEEKLY screenings at the Screenland Theatre on Wed. February 28 at 8pm - and thereafter every Wed. night.

Very ambitious... but so are a lot of things just out of the gate.
Here's hoping they have as long, or even longer tenure than Chucky Lou.

More information should be available in the coming weeks - check out their MySpace page.