Friday, February 11, 2005

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Exciting stuff...

Had the first public screening of LENEXA in KC last night, at the Independent Filmmakers Coalition meeting. Went very well... everyone laughed in the right places and seemed to get the film. I'm very happy - the next hurdle will be in getting it seen, which will be a problem in its current version, since there's unlicensed music involved.

Right now, I just want to get the film out there, and for people to see it, which means going for small festivals and microcinemas, where they're not that concerned about lawyers swooping down to sue everyone in sight. Currently looking around for someone to do an original score for the film, which could be in place by the fall.

Have been thinking about putting together a new issue of MIMEZINE out this summer... it may be a good idea, taking into account an e-mail I just got from someone in Japan. I did an interview with the group Ed's Redeeming Qualities in my first issue (over 10 years ago... Damn!), and the other day, I get mail from an ERQ fan in Japan, requesting issues featuring them!

Things like this really make it all worth it - for me, at least.

(That interview is online - sending him the 'current' issue, which has more ERQ info, as well as stuff on other San Francisco bands of the early to mid- 90's.)