Thursday, October 12, 2006

You'll Never Live Like Common People...

Shatner Songfest

You can't defend him as a singer... but you can make a case for him being an underrated performance artist.

There's the classic "Rocketman" to the more recent interpretations of popular song... which led to his teaming with Ben Folds on "Has-Been"... look closely at the musicians and you'll see Folds, Lisa Loeb and Petra Hagen.

Drink deep from these waters...
No Rest For The Guilty...

Quite a lot to cover -

First of all, you might want to pop over to my sister blog MUSIC SNOB, to check out recent postings there - I've joined the file-sharing crowd!

Second, BUNKER HILL just started shooting pickups today (or yesterday, technically) - we'll be going for the next 5 days. So more pix will show up soon...

Todd Norris
, a filmmaker in KC has posted some of his films up on MySpace... take a peek. Some great stuff there...

If you're in the Topeka/Lawrence area, Patrick Rea's THE EMPTY ACRE will be screening at the second annual Slash & Bash Horror Film Marathon in Topeka, Oct. 13 & 14 - ACRE will screen Friday night (the 13th!) with a Q&A with the director and cast following the showing.

EVENT HORIZON is just as shitty a movie in its 2-disc incarnation as it was watching it on the big screen... and no amount of "this is what we WANTED to do" whining on the commentary will make it into a 'cult classic'... much like the added footage in THE ABYSS can't turn that into a good movie.

Too bad - EH had a good core concept, great design and photography and a decent cast... why they decided to turn the last third of the film into HELLRAISER IN SPACE is a unfathomable mystery within the folds of Paul Anderson's brain... "director's vision", my ass!

... and the bonus features are among the most boring that I've viewed - only about 10 minutes is actually interesting. Still... EH definitely fits the term "guilty pleasure".

Hopefully, after the dust settles, I'll actually get to do an extended Halloween posting.