Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog Days of August

Back from the blur of a busy summer...

Another feature down - well, mostly. There's still some more work to be done involving floor (physical) effects that's about another 2 weeks of shooting, but 80 - 85% is 'in the can'. And it was one of the best production experiences that I've had as of late. Now that it's over, it's time to troll around again for more of the same. In this economic climate... oh, to be an Iowan, or at least have some contacts there -- Iowa as of late is practically crawling with film work, with companies taking advantage of those tax breaks. Some friends are currently at work on the first of 4 horror films shooting up in Iowa... the movie is called HUSK. I wonder if there's a sequel to be called SHUCK.

I have taken up a form of the 'work from home' type of job -- since I do like to type things of this nature, I should find some way for it to make some coin. So, as of this week, I am a writer for; specifically, the 'Topeka DVD Examiner', where I'll be doing DVD reviews, with some emphasis on things that have been shot in the area... and as much film related area news that I can get away with -- which may mean I'll become the Topeka Film Examiner at some point. The more people come to the site, the more money I make, as these things go. I do promise to make it worth the effort.

I suppose I should be all excited about the new Tarantino film and the AVATAR trailer -- I don't give a shit about either -- Tarantino, I gave up on some time ago, and as to AVATAR, nothing that's been revealed is anything to go nuts about. And having learned that Disney is getting ready to remake YELLOW SUBMARINE in that same shitty motion capture that Bob Zemekis (sic, I know) has been fooling around with for the past decade or so -- there's very little reason to get excited about anything coming out of the studios. If it's not a remake, or based on a toy of some kind, no one apparently knows how to sell that type of a film anymore. It either sits on a shelf for years, or it gets released on home video with little to no fanfare.
If you're lucky, it may even play in a theater near you for a week.

I love what I do, but from all evidence, there's no money to be made in making quality films.
That's just a lesson I'm having a big problem learning, I guess.

Enough whining... here's some on-set hijinks for you to enjoy!