Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Home again...

I have returned, alive, from the rigors of luchador filming in Central MO... as difficult as it was, I got to work again with friends and made some new friends in the process to work and play with again in the near future. There still are some minor things to attend to, like the AZTEC MUMMY reshoot notes, but those won't take up a lot of time.

More time has been expended on reentering 'normal' life - I go back to work at the Archive tomorrow, and the past couple of days have been spent on getting the house in order... yard mowed, dishes washed, clothes laundered. Then I'll get back into my regimen of reading/writing/watching.

Made a couple trips to the library and have a huge stack of material that I'll be commenting upon in the next few weeks, as well as catching up on DVD/movie recommendations.

I did promise a big piece on BRAINIAC... it's brewing. We did find out that the school gave them the go ahead for next year, so it seems we'll meet again (quoting Vera Lynn) some sunny day next April... actually, make that a more overcast day, if we do end up shooting in April '07.

I did promise a picture or two, so...