Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Into the third month of 2009, and so far it's been... *meh*.

Last weekend was The Oscars, and that was completely *meh* - no surprises there, except for Sean Penn winning the award over favorited Comeback Kid, Mickey Rourke...
I don't hate The Oscars, but I don't get as worked up about them as I used to -- going through the collection of movies that I keep (and you can do this as well - this is the Home Game), I find a lot of good movies, a few Great ones, and stuff that doesn't bore me...

What I DON'T find is a lot of Oscar winners... Oscar sort of loses it's glamor when attached to names such as Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, Danny Boyle... well, you get the idea.

That doesn't prevent me from adding this, however...

Another *meh* event is the opening of WATCHMEN this weekend, which is sort of like the Second Coming for Geeks if you've been following the hype for the past year or so.
It'll make a ton of money in the first weekend, then taper off -- then will make another pile of money when the DVDs are released, "Director's Cut(s)", Special Edition(s), and THE COMPLEAT WATCHMEN by Christmastime, including THE BLACK FREIGHTER, all deleted scenes and outtakes.
My bet - it'll hopefully be no worse than V FOR VENDETTA was, which also bent over backwards to duplicate the look of the comic, and took liberties with adapting the material.
I still don't think that it qualifies Zack Snyder as a "visionary".
Personally, I would think that an HBO show would've been preferable, but no way was HBO going to shell out $150 million + to do that -- I think that it would've been a decent way to handle the adaptation, but who really cares about THAT?