Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's been going on?

Well, first - ACADEMY OF DOOM!... there was a good turnout at the KC premiere. Quite a few of the guys from Mizzou came over - Chip, the director couldn't make it, due to being in Southern MO with a class, but we did hear him via phone just prior to the screening.

So, how was it? Happily, I can say that I was thoroughly entertained - I did get to see a very early and rough assembly of it about a year and a half ago, and though you could tell there was a movie there, it was going to require a lot of shaping - and Robert Swope, the editor, was up to the challenge. The movie was a lot of fun to watch (definitely 2/5ths of whiskey -- 3 bong hit movie), and it'll be interesting what the luchador crowd will make of it. The film should be making the festival rounds later in the year, along with its companion film MIL MASCARAS: RESURRECTION. (Both will debut at the RioFan festival in Rio DeJaneiro that starts next week - playing with SONG OF THE DEAD!)

more SUSPENSION activity - especially if you're in the L.A. area June 1 [per co-director Ethan Shaftel]:

At 7:30pm on Sunday, June 1st, to kick off the DVD release, 
SUSPENSION will have its public LA premiere at Norris Theater on USC
campus. This is a special treat for many of us involved with the
movie that attended USC Cinema. And to top it off, we'll be having a
nice Q and A session afterwards with our local USC alumi (and our
lead actress and co-director thrown in for good measure!) available
to answer questions: star Annie Tedesco, writer/producer Aris
Blevins, producer Kevin Obsatz, Director of Photography Ben Van
Cleave, Editors Hillel Aron and Meg Decker, sound designer/mixer
Kevin Roache, and co-directors Alec Joler and myself.

Tickets are FREE to everyone, and there should be ample seating to
bring whomever you like! Also, Norris Theater has AMAZING picture
and sound and ridiculously comfortable seats. Make reservations here.

We got probably our best review yet the other day at ; I'm sure you'll be seeing
quotes from this review on our future posters! And finally, If you
have a chance, check out our slick new website, designed by Team A
. Our DVD Presale will start in two weeks, where
you can pre-order your special SIGNED copy! More info soon...

If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Currently, I'm working on articles for the next MICRO-FILM issue, and slowly
tweaking a documentary on my desktop, while waiting around for word of the next job.
Which is... well, who knows? Last year at this time, I was on one film, and looking
at having 3 projects to keep me busy and solvent - of those, TOGI was the only one
of the three that actually shot -- NEVER SUBMIT (or as I know it, NEVER COMMIT) kept
getting pushed back, and eventually bit the dust in the summer; the other film is
still in limbo, and may possibly shoot this summer - or it may not.

As much as I love what I do, it's an extremely inconstant line of work - at least in NE KS.
You might take a peek to the right to see a new link - SCRIPT GODDESS, a blog
I recently discovered by a script supervisor who writes a lot more elequently
about the job we do.

I still plan to do that last print zine issue, about my adventures in film...
maybe sooner than I think.