Friday, November 25, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving and Post-Shooting

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! Hope that everyone reading this has had a decent, if not good, Thanksgiving holiday.

The feature I was working on, Rest E-Z, wrapped ("finished shooting" in non-Jargonspeak) last Saturday, so I've been playing catch-up with everything else that went on hold for the month. To take a peek at some preliminary artwork, follow the link to their site (which I wasn't even aware of)... there'll be more going up over the next few months, as the post-production work finishes up.

For a quick glimpse on how things went during production, go visit the new addition to the link list, ThroughAGlass Productions, a production company based in Lawrence, KS. Chris and Jeremy were part of the crew, as well as decent filmmakers themselves, currently in the process of shooting a feature musical, "Air".

I usually don't write about my experience during production - for one thing, there's just no time! My job (as Script Supervisor/Continuity) usually doesn't come to an abrupt end when production wraps... I end up having several days of paperwork to finish up before shipping my notes to the filmmakers, so whatever free time I can get, I end up exploiting it on anything NOT related to production.

Secondly, my perspective is a little bit different than everyone else's - I'm now slightly older than most of the people involved, and have a bit more experience on lo-budget features (though, if all the recent feature activity in the KC area keeps up, that will change soon), and even on the productions that go well, it's a chaotic process in some area or other... plus, whatever my opinion of the project is during filming, you NEVER... let me repeat that, NEVER REALLY KNOW how things turn out until you see the finished product. You could be dead-wrong, or you could be so right, you could be a replacement for Patricia Arquette on "Medium".

If I ever do another print issue, I'll finally write about the films I've worked on... the issue will be called "Lo(Budget)Life".

Jumped onto the NetFlix bandwagon a couple of months ago, courtesy of a friend who sent me a trial tryout... have to say that I've enjoyed the service, getting acess to titles I haven't found in the local rental stores. I'm eagerly awaiting the discs from THE MONKEES television show to start arriving this weekend, and December will be spent mainly watching both seasons.