Tuesday, May 04, 2010

THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN Broadcast Premiere

If you have access to most of the Starz channels... like Encore, or Movieplex, then you'll have the opportunity to see TOGI several times during the month. The broadcast premiere is today, May 4, on Encore Westerns at 11:20am, and 8pm - and additional showings on Encore Westerns May 5th @ 4pm; May 8th @ 10am and 5:10pm; May 20th @ 10:05am & 11:10pm; and May 5th on Movieplex @5am.

Times listed are Eastern/Pacific, so adjust accordingly if you're in Central or Mountain time.

Check the Starz page for more info. It should also be available for VOD later in the month, also.