Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

2005 has officially begun, and none too soon...

Most of my time in the past couple of months has been spent on producing a short film, LENEXA - after all the hustling to get on other people's projects, it was time to start doing some work of my own. Thanks to new technology, (and a big thank you to a friend of mine for helping to put it in my greasy hands), I can finally start working with all of this raw material I've been saving - I have tons of video footage that I've shot over the last decade.

More on LENEXA later in the month - I'm almost done with the cut... had to transfer the files to a computer with a lot more space than our computer had. Exporting the movie is a bigger pain in the ass than it was loading the program, it seems. I've had no qualms at all about the editing interface.

Have finished reading SHANTARAM over the Christmas holiday - it's a long book, but it's so involving, you won't notice the page count.

Also finished reading THIS IS BURNING MAN by Brian Doherty - very weird experience for me, since I had a peripheral involvement with the beginnings of Burning Man (I was present for the '91 burn) and knew many of the people involved. It was interesting getting another view of events that I was present at, and getting a glimpse at what else was going on. The book is a pretty accurate account of the early days (as far as my knowledge goes) and is very fair to everyone involved. Definitely an entertaining read for those interested in the evolution of cultural events and I say it's REQUIRED if you're considering ever going out to Black Rock.