Thursday, August 11, 2005


As you can see, I've made some upgrades to the look - decided that there had to be better looking templates than what I was using... sure enough. Plus, I can put links to the side, although I lose the direct e-mail link. Oh well. If you're interested, you'll get in touch.

This was prompted by EBeth's comments (Hi there!) and anyone else that might end up here. I'm more than motivated to do something with this blog, but as to what that may exactly be - well, there's the rub, isn't it?

When I was putting out the paper namesake of this blog, there were lots of things said about 'the zine revolution' about the sense of community it fostered... Granted, I've been lucky to have met lots of interesting people (some of whom I still keep in touch with), the one drawback being that we all tend to exhibit the same traits - a marked lack of wacky adventures of those of our ilk, and a tendency towards isolation.

Not that there's anything wrong with that - if we seem to be a surly bunch to the majority of the world, it merely means that we've learned to keep our mouths shut about the really good stuff. If you're lucky enough to be having threesomes with disease free, athletic and relatively mentally stable people, you don't want to trumpet it out to the world, which will come down with the Hammer and have you as fodder for Dr. Phil, Oprah and Maury - keep your mouth shut and enjoy yourself... or selves.

In other words, don't expect anything too juicy here yet.

But I'll try to make this work to at least my satisfaction - hopefully others out there will like some of it.