Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More CSA screenings - March, April, June

Additional screens it opens in March, April and a couple of June dates. Note the opening in Tucson, AZ has been changed from 3/10 to 3/24.

Thanks to Kevin McKinney ("Dishonest Abe") for the update.

03/17/ Orpheum/ Madison, WI

03/17/ Real Artways/ Hartford, CT

03/17/ Anthony Wayne/ Wayne, PA

03/17/ Ballantyne/ Charlotte, NC

03/17/ Galaxy/ Cary, NC

03/17/ Canal Place/ New Orleans, LA

03/17/ Belcourt/ Nashville, TN

03/17/ Palm/ San Luis Obispo, CA

03/17/ Camera 12/ San Jose, CA

03/17/ Nickelodeon/ Santa Cruz, CA

03/17/ Minor/ Arcata, CA

03/17/ Hillcrest/ San Diego, CA

03/17/ Crossroads/ Boulder, CO

03/17/ Metro/ Seattle, WA

03/24/ Main Art/ Detroit, MI

03/24/ Lagoon/ Minneapolis, MN

03/24/ Cable Car/ Providence, RI

03/24/ Loft/ Tucson, AZ

03/31/ Altamonte/ Orlando/Altamonte Springs, FL

03/31/ Charles/ Baltimore, MD

03/31/ Trolley Square/ Salt Lake City, UT

04/05/ Emelin/ Mamaroneck, NY

04/14/ Augusta Historic Theatre/ Augusta, KS

04/28/ Athena/ Athens, OH

06/07/ Ft. Kirby Ctr for Perf Arts/ Wilkes Barre, PA

06/09/ Mary Ross Center/ Lincoln, NE