Saturday, February 25, 2006

More CSA stuff and tying some loose ends...

Dennis at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule gave a nice shout-out to C.S.A. (which opened on a few more screens this Friday and will be opening on more throughout March), as well as to this blog. For those who get directed here, looking for more info on the film and Kevin, here's an earlier post from October '05 which has links to several meaty interviews with Mr. Wilmott about his work. If you're looking for dates and theaters where CSA will be playing, look below at the previous posting.

And if this is your first time at the blog, hi! Hope you come back from time to time.

Over at the ThoughAGlass site, there are a few pictures taken at the NYC premiere.

The last disc in THE MONKEES Season 2 set has finally arrived, so I'll probably have my overview up in a few days... that'll do it for TV season set watching for awhile - well, at least from Netflix. I've just started on NOWHERE MAN and that might finish up before the month is up.

I mentioned quite awhile back that there appeared to be more film work on the horizon... the date is getting closer for production to start on a feature made at the University of Missouri-Columbia under the aegis of PROJECT: IT (I think that it's actually I.T., but I'm not a stickler) Production is scheduled to start on April 1 and will shoot the entire month, so the updates will more than likely dry up during April... maybe. I start ping-ponging back and forth throughout March for meetings and other business. It'll be directed by Chip Gubera, who did the zombie horror musical/political satire SONG OF THE DEAD.

That means that I'll be finishing up some article for the upcoming issue of Micro-Film, which will have features on C.S.A. and on fellow Kansas filmmaker Steve Balderson, whose FIRECRACKER will be available on DVD in May. So it's going to be a pretty busy Spring..

I also just upgraded my home site with selections from the print zine MIMEZINE and some of my short films (including the recent LENEXA) are now online at the Cheap Bastard Filmworks page. So if you're curious, click on over.