Thursday, March 23, 2006

Somewhere in the Circles of Hell, Part VCIXXIIII...

Somehow, I never thought that I'd be witness to an involved conversation regarding the acting prowess of Amanda Bynes.

She IS cute, but she's no Melissa Joan Hart....

I think I sense a doctoral thesis starting to take outline form somewhere.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Issues, Issues...

There's been recent issues, hence the somewhat slow posting here - due to the storms that moved through the area over a week ago, internet access from the home is down, due to a lightning strike in a neighbor's yard frying out the modem.

The other thing has been preparations for an upcoming shoot in Columbia, Mo. It's under the aegis of Project IT, and the film is WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE BRAINIAC, directed by Chip Gubera (SONG OF THE DEAD). It was intended to be a follow-up to MIL MASCARAS VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY, which was shot in Central Missouri in early 2005.

There's a long and involved story that I can't go into at the moment regarding that production - suffice it to say that it will probably see the light of day at some point.

Anyhow, WWvs.B will also star Mil Mascaras - production will start next week, so I will more than likely not blog anything until after it wraps early in May. By then, I should be able to have some stories to tell!

Currently on a Lars VonTrier viewing mood... I've finished up with THE KINGDOM, SERIES ONE on Netflix recently - I've seen KINGDOM before and loved it (even tolerated the Americanized Stephen King version KINGDOM HOSPITAL, which just doesn't hold a candle to the original, try though as it might), but wanted to see what commentary would be added... actually, not a lot, but it really doesn't need that much (although it's quite funny when VonTrier makes a remark about the 'Stephen King' elements, not knowing that King would exec. produce the American version at the time.) For those not familar with THE KINGDOM, the best way to describe it is a Danish cross between ER and TWIN PEAKS - it's an adroit balancing of humor, horror and satire. The only thing better than THE KINGDOM would be for an R1 release of THE KINGDOM II, which continues the storyline from the - well, cliffhanger isn't quite an adequate word to describe it, but it definitely makes you want to see how things turn out.

Also just received EPIDEMIC, the second feature from VonTrier (the first, an interesting but muddled futuristic thriller called THE ELEMENT OF CRIME, is available on Criterion.)
It's billed in the Netflix synopsis as a horror film, but it's not -- or rather, it's a horror film done in the mode of ADAPTATION.

All being early VonTrier, they're worth a look, even if you hate his current work.

One more thing of note - SINGAPORE SLING

Coming May 30 is Synapse’s disc of SLING, the cult-fave shocker that has won notoriety at genre festivals. Directed by Greek filmmaker Nikos Nikolaidis and never before available in North America, the movie is about a detective who goes searching for his lost love, and winds up taken in by a mother and daughter in a remote villa. Unfortunately for him, they’re a twisted duo who soon subject him to bondage and all sorts of deranged “games.” The unrated and very explicit film will be presented in anamorphic 1.66:1 widescreen with Dolby Digital 2.0 mono sound (in English and Greek with occasional subtitles), accompanied by a still gallery and theatrical trailer. Retail price is $29.95.