Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sick as a dog

With all of this Winter weather coming through the area (week after week of snow/ice storms?!), comes the Winter cold - sneezing, coughing, general feelings of lousiness... - this morning, I was watching PINK FLOYD-THE WALL followed by The Anna Nicole-Smith Death Hearings... a dangerously surreal combination that should probably only be viewed by people heavily narcotized by cold/flu medicine. I have to say the hearings were harder to understand than THE WALL, and THE WALL made me feel a lot better about people in general, in retrospect.

THE WALL was a newly arrived laserdisc that I'd been looking for, and found off of eBay - mainly since it's the edition with commentary by Director Alan Parker, which the DVD doesn't feature. Parker goes quite a way toward explaining some of the imagry and choices made in the picture, as well as some interesting techincal information.

This sickness is cutting into DVD watching/review time, as it's better to sleep than to attempt to stay awake... as it is, I'm horribly backlogged. But soon, I should have some impressions up about a couple of discs I just received: one is a German disc of a film I worked on a few years ago, FIVE YEARS, but released in Europe as THE HIDDEN; and a Dutch disc of THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION, an adaptation of the 'unfilmable' J.G. Ballard novel - I heard about the film since it was in production and it's screening in festivals, but doubted I'd ever get to see it.

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