Monday, November 14, 2005


New Night Stalker Folds

Night Stalker producer Frank Spotnitz posted this on his blog:


It is with regret that I confirm "Night Stalker" has been canceled. While I'm disappointed the series has come to an end, I am enormously grateful for the experience and the opportunity given me by the network and Touchstone Television. I would like to thank our amazingly talented cast, wonderful crew, killer post-production department, terrific writing staff, producers and partners in crime Daniel Sackheim and John Peter Kousakis, the incredible Jana Fain, and all of you who watched and enjoyed the show. It was a blast."

There IS a God!


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Ebonsun said...

They just didn't get how to develop characters in an interesting way.

They had the production quality down. Just failed in the character department.

This incarnation of Kolchack was not even remotely as interesting as McGavin's Kolchack. Nor was he a Mulder, a Frank Black, a Dale Cooper, or even a Paul Callan (Skeet Ulrich from MIRACLES).

Nope, he was Stuart Townsend. He a lump of coal put in our X-Mas stocking.

But we weren't being bad, and we wanna talk to Santa!

Glad Santa Spotnitz got the message. We demand better.