Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chucky Lou returns!

The Chucky Lou AV Club presents
(1973 - Robert V. O'Neill - 82m - 35mm)

11PM Saturday, March 4
Screenland, 1656 Washington, KCMO

"We're thrilled to finally be able to offer you this holy grail of
made-in-the-Philippines madness. Everything is hyper-seventies in a
great way. In fact, if the seventies were a drug this would be the
ultra-potent, smokable rock form of it. The music is great. The
clothes are great. The women are beautiful and trashy. It's all you
could possibly want or need in a movie. Nancy Kwan plays a foxy
transplant doctor on an isolated island fortress who dispatches her
all-female kung fu squad to abduct healthy young male athletes,
whose organs she sells to wealthy senior citizens in search of the
fountain of youth. Loaded to the brim with incompetent kung fu,
reckless car-chases, cockfights, and even an electronic "brain sex"
scene that will blow your mind. Featuring Ross Hagen, Sid Haig,
Roberta Collins, and Maria De Aragon (Greedo from STAR WARS.)" -
Alamo Drafthouse

Preceded by a beautiful but deadly karate klatch of trailers and, at
10:45 (if time permits), the most wondrous women of all: the stars
of 1960s Scopitones belting their non-hits in glorious 16mm

Tickets $6.50. For more information call (913)522-8870.

The Chucky Lou AV Club meets the first Saturday of every month.
Attendance is mandatory.

The CL A/V C had been on a short hiatus, due to Gary Huggins' film, FIRST DATE, making festival appearances at Sundance and a festival in France. It'll be screening in Austin at SXSW in March.

For more about FIRST DATE, go here and here.

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