Saturday, October 28, 2006

FIRECRACKER and Steve Balderson

Back from the pick-up shoot for BUNKER HILL, I stumbled across an interesting posting on the blog LOST IN NEGATIVE SPACE, regarding local (Wamego is only a mere 40 miles from Topeka) filmmaker Steve Balderson and his recent feature FIRECRACKER... which led me to THE RUED MORGUE, a blog by San Antonio writer Russ Ruediger. In August, Ruediger did a review of FIRECRACKER - a movie that he did not like, but which he could not just dismiss - which led to him interviewing Balderson in two segments - 1st and 2nd .

Being a freelance writer and working on my own story about FIRECRACKER for the next issue of MICRO-FILM, I can't comment on Mr. Ruediger's writings... but the exchange between Mr. Ruediger and Mr. Balderson is important to share, since they touch on a lot of issues that normally don't get talked about regarding film and filmmaking. And, in an oblique way, they also provide a great commentary on the recent film experiences that I've had, without having to directly name names.

If you haven't seen FIRECRACKER yet, I recommend that you rent it at your nearest store (whether local or Netflix).

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