Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Surprise

Courtesy of Peter Jasso of the Kansas Film Commission, here's screening info on 4 locally produced films that'll be screening in the area over the next couple of weeks:

Glenwood showtimes:
Daily 1:30 4:30 7:30 / ENDS Oct. 2
Screenland at the Crossroads showtimes:
Friday, October 3rd at 4:45
Saturday, October 4th at 2:30 and 9:15
Sunday, October 5th at 2:30

Showtimes on

Screenland at the Crossroads showtimes:
Friday, October 3rd at 7:00, and 9:15
Saturday, October 4th at 4:45, and 7:00
Sunday, October 5th at 4:45, and 7:00

BUNKER HILL will also be screening at NYU at NYC on Oct. 8 and will be the opening night film at the Williamstown Film Festival, Williamstown, MA on Oct. 17.

Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS Oct. 13

If you're tired of the usual bullshit at the multiplex, go check out all, or at least some of these. All homegrown cinema.

With October, comes Halloween. I've not as of yet been able to tackle the annual listing of horrofilms that most others seem to be able to do... usually due to schedule problems and laziness. I may, on the odd weekend, throw out some suggestions that might be a nice change from the usual suspects that end up on those listings.

I mean, really... how many times can you watch HALLOWEEN and really be affected by it?

For a nice alternative, you might visit THE KIND OF FACE YOU HATE during the month of October - instead of horror films, Bill (the author) is checking out horror fiction... rather novel, I think... and a good introduction for people who don't think there's much beyond the genre besides Stephen King (the Good), V.C. Andrews (the Bad), and countless others - mainly whose book titles begin with "The" and end in "" (the Ugly).

I can certainly make the rancid pun. It's my blog.... deal with it.

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