Saturday, September 24, 2005

LATE BREAKING NEWS - a film by Jon Knoll

Such exciting times since my last post...

I had the privilege of introducing my friend, Jon Knoll, and his documentary LATE BREAKING NEWS at the recent Kansas International Film Festival in Overland Park. I've known Jon since meeting him at SIU-C where we were film majors and have kept in touch with him through our divergent paths (me on the path of poverty fringe culture and him on the road to success in local (Chicagoland) TV). I got to see an early assemblage of LBN, followed by its premiere in Chicago in Spring of '04. Since then, he's been on the festival path, which finally paid off by getting accepted to KIFF, and CUFF (Chicago Underground Film Festival), and the Hot Springs Documentary Festival, coming up in Oct.
Hopefully, this will eventually lead to sales and its premiere on television, and more work from Jon.

Despite the early screening time (5:15pm... on a Monday), the turnout was pretty good and the audience had plenty of questions during the Q&A session afterwards. The only thing marring the experience was the sound problems during the screening... but then, what's a festival screening without some sort of technical problem?

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