Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Douchebags and Snotty Pricks make The Internet Go Round and Round...

Pretty silly, but I guess it's time to make A Big Statement -

What kicked this off was a comment on a review of CLOVERFIELD on Stacie Ponder's wonderful horror blog (that you should be reading) FINAL GIRL. If you've been following me for awhile, or at least checking the archives like, HERE, HERE, and of course, HERE, it's pretty evident that I don't think much of the movie enterprises connected with J.J. Abrams -- going as far as calling it 'cinema for douchebags'.

Not that it matters in the long run - everyone appears to love this stuff, much like a kitten batting a dangling toy and following a light when you shine it deep into its eyes - I REALLY, REALLY don't; going as far as to claim my remarks by name, rather than under the popular pseudonym, "Anonymous".

It doesn't win you popularity - and a couple of Stacie's readers took my 'douchebag' remarks to heart, labelling me a 'snotty prick'.


My assumption on readers of this blog, however many or few that may be - is (1) that you have a working brain and (2) you may have an opinion. At least that's how I'm couching the writing.

If you don't agree with something I've said, you can write to me about it, or you can just not read it anymore, if it's that offensive. I don't go out of my way to BE offensive for shock value, but if I strongly feel about something, I'm gonna say it and we deal with the aftermath.

With the dumbing down of society and the lack of any sort of asethetic value or conditions, "Snotty Prick" is becoming more and more of a badge of honor.


well, it appears that I have been thoroughly schooled by the two who objected to my remarks - so I won't have to worry about offending those assholes ever again. ;p

Nothing like writing off people WHOM YOU'VE NEVER MET AND WHO YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW - no Christmas cards for them this year...


thomwade said...

Don't forget Stacie. She challenged your comment as well. Noone lept to defend your approach either. You don't like Abram's work. Terrific. That's cool. You don't like his Star Trek. Fine by me. You write off anyone who doesn't agree with you as douchebags. That's what I was questioning. But yeah. I'm the asshole in the situation.

Nice review of the Last Broadcast btw. I agree with your assessment of how it holds up.
(and no Christmas card this year? Oh well)

L. Rob Hubb said...

Well, you probably won't see this, but it needs explication - AGAIN.

Your mistake is in the sentence "You write off anyone who doesn't agree with you as douchebags." Untrue. 'Misguided' maybe, but not douchebags - at least not initially.

The statement about STAR TREK (and CLOVERFIELD) as being 'Cinema for Douchebags' was covered, (so I thought) by that short overview of Abrams' M.O. Successful as it is, I just don't really care for it. And as applied to STAR TREK, which for all the Shatner action, Treknobabble and the like, at the very least, tried to shoehorn an idea or two to make the audience think.

That isn't on the Abrams Agenda. It's all motion, and cockroach scatter reaction to any crisis that comes up, and to have that grafted onto STAR TREK...

Young, Pretty and Douchy is not my idea of TREK - although a lot seemed to like it, due to the motion, the explosion, and the pretty, pretty lights that apparently hypnotized people into thinking they were seeing a good film.

Sort of like all the great stuff said about CLOVERFIELD at the time of its release -- there were actually those who rated it better than THE HOST.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, sure -- but, comparing the two, storywise and craftwise -- They must've been fucking high. Period.

Like I said - "Snotty Prick" is looking more and more like a compliment.