Saturday, January 20, 2007

Recent bizness...

I haven't commented very much on films recently - mainly since I haven't had time or the interest to actually make it to the theatre to see anything currently playing. A good part of time was spent with DVD sets of the second seasons of CARNIVALE and DEADWOOD, both of which I enjoyed immensely; CARNIVALE especially, since the first year took a bit too long to get things in motion - the second year is a big improvement... too late, of course, to save the show from being cancelled. I wish they'd worked out a deal similar to DEADWOOD's impending conclusion after the third year - doing a couple of television movies to wrap things up.

I promise to get back to some film commentary very soon... and speaking of films, the Screenland Freakshow has posted a schedule up for their debut month.

The first REALLY good novel of 2007 is THE TERROR by Dan Simmons - and it's NOT a horror novel, despite the title. I didn't like his last book, OLYMPOS very much - after the strong build-up of ILIUM, it seemed like weak filler, and I suspect a third volume will see the light of day in the near future.

Currently waiting to hear if I'll be on a project shooting in March. It just got announced that KS lost an Anthony Hopkins film that wanted to shoot at KU - due to no tax incentives, the production company will shoot at U of Colorado at Boulder.

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