Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 2009!

OK, so I'm a couple of weeks late... oh well.

The first thing was finishing up the work on AU PAIR, KS -- on my end, that's mainly paperwork to go to the editor/director. Coming back, there was also my grandmother undergoing open heart surgery in late December... she's doing well, currently undergoing rehab therapy to build her strength back up. She should be back at home soon.

Then there's the prospect of finding more work. No idea when the next film job will come up -- in the meantime, there's polishing up some work for the next MICRO-FILM issue, to be published in March or April; and trying to drum something up using my prodigious assets.

This week will be the premiere of THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN at Sundance; so look for some links to show up about its reception. I have had a chance to see the film, but I'll wait until there's a local screening before writing about it.

And I think I'll be posting a bit more DVD stuff - there's a huge backlog of stuff to watch, so I may start working through that when time allows.

Hope your year is starting off well - though, to judge from my previous two postings, things aren't looking up in the near future.

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