Friday, January 16, 2009

T.O.G.I Countdown

In roughly two hours (from when I'm writing this), TOGI will make its premiere at Sundance.
The Huffington Post and SproutBlog already has some articles up... and if you're free on the 25th, you can even get some tickets.

I'll post some of the first reviews when they start to come in.

ADDENDUM 1/22/09:
Well, not as much news as I'd hoped for - not necessarily a bad thing...
Indiewire had an interview with Kevin Willmott prior to the screening - and for a more personal view of Sundance, check out Making The Movie - John didn't work on TOGI, but he's a BUNKER HILL alumnus.

So far the only review that I've been able to find is this one - and it's lukewarm, at best.
Comments left by people who've seen the film are decidedly not.

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