Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KC Filmfest 2009

It used to be known as the Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee... apparently they have combined forces with another local festival. The emphasis is on local work, or work that has local ties.

For the past few years, it's usually been that I've been unable to make the festival due to working on some production scheduled at the same time. This year, there's incentive to attend, like the productions that I worked on:

So, this is a big event for me... usually there's only one project that gets screened, but it's a rare occurrence to see several all at once. In some instances, festival screenings may be the only exhibition that the work gets -- it's happened on a few films that I've been on. As I've stated before; you go onto a film hoping to get paid, but in indie film, even if you get paid, it's not a lot... I like to be able to see the finished product, and if you're lucky, it turns out to be good or better than you expect.

So, hit the KC FILMFEST if you have the chance. It kicks off next Wednesday - I'll of course have plenty to say about the films after I see them... maybe I won't piss off too many people.

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